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Tattoo Aftercare Instructions

1. Leave your tattoo covering on for 3-4 hours because the new tattoo will continue to discharge fluids for a while after its been finished. It is normal for any excess ink to also leak out.
2. When you get home, give it a wash with clean water. Gently pat dry and leave uncovered. After drying, smooth over a thin layer of tattoo aftercare cream* (or Bepanthen**).
3. Next day, clean your tattoo with a non-scented, antibacterial soap to keep it clean and to avoid potential infection. After drying, smooth over a thin layer of tattoo aftercare cream (or Bepanthen**).
4. Repeat this process for upto 2 to 3 weeks or until the tattoo is healed. Don’t touch your tattoo unless you have clean hands!
5. First 2 weeks, AVOID wearing tight clothing that rub up against your tattoo, sunbathing, swimming, or soaking (showers are ok) so you don’t affect the healing process.
6. Do NOT pick, peel or scratch when it scabs. These scabs are normal and picking them off will damage or remove colour.
7. Your tattoos will lighten up after they have fully healed. Use sunscreen when going outside, especially in the summer.

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